Mashine Music: Decades - Two CD Set


Mashine Music:

The Project:

The Decades project started when Greg Badolato asked me to come on a Berklee Audition and Interview trip to the Middle East, to do auditions, clinics, and concerts in Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan. Then he asked me to join in for a similar trip to Kobe and Tokyo, Japan. I thought it would be fun to take a few of my older compositions and realize them afresh with new technology, and arrange them for a trio performance: Greg on Tenor sax, me on guitar and synthesizers, and a MacBook Pro for interactive backing tracks. The concerts went well, and then we decided to record. The next thing I knew it had turned into an 18 month-long project culminating in the two disc set entitled “Decades.” This website provides additional information and bonus materials for the physical CD set. You can get the CD from CDBaby using the widget below, or download the music from iTunes or DigStation.

- David Mash

Two old guys having fun playing old music.

Mashine Music was born in 1983, as a vehicle to develop and publish my compositions and realize them in a variety of live performance and recorded settings. The first concert took place at the Berklee Performance Center and featured many of my friends, including Greg Badolato on tenor sax. Greg and I have continued to perform together over the years, and he is featured on the Decades project.

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“Greg Badolato and David Mash are at the forefront of an appealing merging of real jazz and electronics of an intelligent pop-r&b disposition.”

                                            Frank-John Hadley

                                            longtime Downbeat and Jazziz critic.