Music Sampler


Here is a sampler of music I have written, produced, and performed over the last couple of decades.

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Here are direct links to my music by collection, and a sample of the music in each collection:

Mashine Music: Decades (two disc set)

From Disc 1: Chakalette

From Disc 2: A Darker Shade of Grey

NEW Posting! Mashine Music (The Band) Live at the Berklee Performance Center in 1983(!) 

Mashine Music (The Band) consisted of David Mash, composer and synthesizers; Brad Hatfield, keyboards; Steve Bilman, bass; Ray Frisby, drums; Bill Brinkley, guitar; Wayne Naus, Trumpet; Bruce Nifong, Alto and Soprano Sax; and Greg Badolato, Tenor and Soprano Sax

Cyborg (Mash)

Mashine Music (Mash)

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La Mashine is music produced in my home studio, much of this for Adobe Systems for the releases of their Photoshop and Illustrator software. I play all the tracks…

Woodmere (Mash)

Photoshow (Mash)

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Ictus LIVE!

Here are two tracks from live performances by Ictus:

Echoes of the Muse: (Mash)

 One of Two – Journeys: (Mash)

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More albums will be coming each week… Stay tuned and come back often!

Music for Video:

Adobe Systems Project: Flying Logo

Adobe Systems Project: Illustrator 7 Animation

Adobe Systems Project: Photoshop 3.0

Adobe Systems Project: Photoshop 4.0

Adobe Systems Project: Photoshop 5.0

Adobe Systems Project: MDN

Podcast Theme for Russell Preston Brown’s Photoshop series

More Albums Coming Soon!